As part of the international Day of DH 2014, the Digital Humanities MA Class at University College Cork are hosting ‘Interventions. Day of DH 2014’ in the university and on this site.

We will each be presenting our thesis proposals and looking for overlapping themes in research interests, chosen format for our dissertations, and the larger questions these engage with in our thinking about and understanding of digital humanities scholarship.

The questions we consider in our individual projects link to the wider issues in the digital humanities; interactivity, the use of digital tools and their influence on research and production of ‘product’ / artefact,  the necessarily collaborative nature of the work and its influence on our understanding of and engagement with others and the work itself.  Archiving, histories (oral and written), methodologies, creative production – all are influenced and loop back into a consideration of methods and how they may influence the research; the gathering and dissemination of information, the nature of ‘information’ itself, and how this creates a different landscape for academic and other work.

It is in this spirit that we will be questioning what kinds of ‘Interventions’ The Digital constitutes to humanities research and concerns, what kinds of interventions we create with our approaches, and the uses we make of what our rampant digitality offers us.  Finally, it is part of a larger project to think carefully and deeply about what all this means to our understanding, our thinking, our learning, and indeed, how we live in the world today.



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